~~If you're a Baby Boomer who's NOT INTERESTED in spending the second or third half of your life rocking on your proverbial front porch - if, instead, you'd rather climb rocks or take in a rock concert -- then you need to take a few minutes to read this … all the way to the end. What I'm about to share has the potential to rock your world and prevent you from hitting rock bottom!

"Finally, a Foolproof, Connect-the-Dots, Step-by-Step, Paint-by-Number System that's Designed to Take You By the Hand and Show You How to Leverage Your Life Experience into Financial Freedom"

Dear Friend,

I know exactly what's going on in your head. As a Baby Boomer, born between 1946 and 1964, you've noticed that the world is starting to whisper sweet nothings to you about preparing for old age. You get letters about long-term care insurance, invitations to seminars about LASIK and liposuction, read articles about how much you ought to have saved if you want to retire well, see commercials about laxatives, little blue pills, denture cleaners, power wheelchairs, and overcoming joint pain and muscle aches.

Problem is, you're not at all ready to start winding down your life - you don't really see that happening for at least a couple more decades. Instead, you're thinking about launching that lifelong dream you've been nurturing forever, the one about starting your own business and being your own boss. Or else you just did take the leap to owning your own business.

While friends or family fret over the late-in-life timing of your entrepreneurial debut, you know you’ve deferred your vision long enough. Besides, these days, “70 is the new 50” so you’ve got lots of active life ahead of you. Not to mention that:

(Check as many boxes as apply to you)

You are sick of the corporate grind but not ready to retire. In fact, retirement day might be 10, 15, 20, even 25 years away. But in your heart of hearts you just know you could star in the next “mild-mannered worker goes wild” headline if you don’t take control of your life now and figure out how to ditch your J-O-B. Like Howard Beale, in his famous Network rant, you’re “mad as h***, and you’re not going to take this any more!”
Your retirement fund or investment portfolio tanked with the dot.com bust, or one of the corporate scandals that have rocked the business world in the last decade, trashing your well-laid plans for a life of loafing on the beaches of the world, and leaving you scrambling to figure out how you’re going to afford retirement.
You’re unhappily separated from work – perhaps you were “down-sized, “right-sized,” or took an early or forced retirement. Fed up and frustrated -- especially if you’re living on a fixed income that’s clearly offering you less buying power than it used to -- you find yourself wondering, “Is that all there is?”
The cost of education, for you and/or your children has skyrocketed, and the nest egg you’ve put aside isn’t earning the interest you’d projected. Not to mention that you’re worried about the rising cost of health care, an economy that isn’t restructuring as fast as you’d hoped, and whether or not there actually will be a social security program by the time you qualify.
You have been working at an unsatisfying job – maybe even one you’ve come to hate -- most of your adult life, because sticking to it was the responsible thing to do. Maybe your family, a guidance counselor, or your own ego led you to this work, but it’s not your dream job. And ever since you hit “the big 5-0,” you’ve been dreaming of ways to escape.
You’ve just got to start doing something that enriches your heart and fulfills your soul. There’ll be family and financial repercussions when you “go public” with your plans -– and admittedly you’ve grown accustomed to the perks of your current lifestyle – but it’s time to do something for yourself before it’s too late…
You’ve just realized that life is too precious to waste the rest of it as a “couch potato,” or doing sedentary-but-safe activities, like clipping coupons, gardening, RV-ing, learning shuffleboard or canasta. For you, that famous beer commercial about “grabbing for all the gusto” was right on target.
You’re fit and healthy, at the top of your game financially, and you’re not ready to give it all up and downsize your dreams just because your kids say that’s what you’re supposed to do, now that your “golden years” are approaching. Perhaps you’d like to do something that is more fun, more personally satisfying, and less stressful -- but at the moment, you don’t know what that might be.
You dream of being your own boss, but with all your family responsibilities –kids, grandkids, or aging parents who rely on you -- you’re not sure how you’d find the time to pull it off.
You’ve worked for others long enough to know you have the experience, knowledge and financial resources you’d need to set yourself up in your own business. Plus, you know you would have handled things better than your employers did.
You just feel that you haven’t yet left your mark on life – and it’s time you did so – but you’re just not sure what it ought to be…
AUDIO - Part 2

How do I know all this?

Two reasons:

  1. You’re not alone – you’re actually part of a growing worldwide trend.
    The fastest growing employment sector in the US today is among the post-55 age group, and self-employment is higher among this age group than among the workforce as a whole. Furthermore, my research shows this is a global movement. Canada, the UK, Scotland, Australia, New Zealand, the Netherlands, and even Uganda are also seeing huge growth in entrepreneurship, especially in the 50-plus age group. I’ve dubbed these adventurous people “Boomerpreneurs.”

  2. I was just like you, not that long ago.
    Since cutting myself loose at age 42 – leaving my frustrating, unsatisfying, high-pressure job and starting my own consulting business, I’ve enjoyed the opportunity to work very hard to build a successful business.

Boy, did I work hard. It took a lot to get ahead. Most of the time I loved what I was doing. But sometimes, to be blunt, the whole self-employment scene just sucked!

Sometimes it seemed like I'd just get one problem solved, and another one would pop up to take its place. Usually one was totally unrelated to the other, so that meant learning how to shift gears quickly. How to "change horses in mid-stream," as they say.

There were times when I'd just hold my head in my hands and wish there was someone I could turn to in confidence; someone to show me the way. (Or at least give me some kind of coach's playbook, so I knew how to recognize the challenges in advance -- and either head them off or turn them to my advantage.)

I Needed a Coach, a Mentor

The concept wasn't popularized back then, but what I was actually wishing for was a mentor or a business coach. Someone who could direct and guide me based on his or her successful acquaintance with the same problems. I figured that learning from someone else's experiences would be the fastest and easiest way for me to succeed.

But, I didn't want to consult with someone from my community - I was afraid that word would get out that I didn't have all the answers. And I believed it was imperative to my future success that I appear to be currently successful. Make sense?

So I bought and read books, subscribed to e-zines, attended national conferences where I asked questions of and eavesdropped on those who appeared to be successful in my field -- and I persevered.

Know what really kept me going? The fact that I was living my dream, being my own boss, running my own show. Hey, if I made mistakes, they were my own mistakes. I also persevered because I was absolutely positive that if I could just get past this latest pothole of frustration, the wide, smooth, well-paved road to blazing success was just around the corner.

Yes, living the dream of being my own boss was pretty sweet, despite the problems I kept encountering. And I didn't want to give up on that. No way!

Give me a taste of freedom, and I wasn't going back to the forced labor of working for someone else!

Over the years, I learned from my hard knocks, made sure never to make the same mistake twice, and eventually developed what I now call my Boomerpreneur Success System. The one I wish someone would have made available to me when I was just starting out. Because you know what?

The hardest part of becoming an entrepreneur is getting started.

I'm absolutely positive that if I'd had my blueprint, my step-by-step system for leveraging my prior life and business experience into financial success, right from "Day 1," I'd have shaved years off the time it took me to reach my financial goals - and there would be a few million extra shekels earning interest for me in my investment account.

Which is why I came up with My Connect-the-Dots, Paint-by-Numbers Plan That Takes You by The Hand And Walks You Through Your First Steps

Over the years, I've run into so many potentially successful people who are literally frozen-like-a-deer-in-the-headlights by their desire to succeed.

They know they want to start a business, so they do the research: they collect information, they attend seminars, they spend their hard-earned money on books and tools - but they NEVER actually cross the line into action. Why?

Some people think it's inertia. You know, Newton's first law. The tendency of matter - or people -- to remain at rest if at rest, or to remain in motion if in motion. There may be something to that.

But having been there myself, I think there's a 'dazed and confused' factor going on as well:

  • Dazzled by the opportunities of paradise.
  • Not knowing which option to pick, or which steps to take first
  • .
  • Fragmented by an overabundance of information.
  • Looking for just the right opportunity, not wanting to move until you're sure you're making the perfect choice.
  • Yup, the deer-in-the-headlights phenomenon.

Rather than making a mistake, these would-be tycoons without a success blueprint just keep shopping. They remain frozen: At best, planning for and dreaming of a success that never comes.

It's tragic. Because Newton's Law also suggests that once an object starts moving, it picks up steam, builds momentum, and becomes almost impossible to stop. You can ride momentum all the way to the top.

That's how it went for me. Amazingly, it's ten years since I first set up shop. In retrospect, the years actually flew by with incredible speed - and I can proudly say that I'm still here! Best of all, along the way, I've worked with - and helped -- hundreds of clients in thirty-five states.

Many of them, like you, were worried about:

  • What kind of business to start,
  • Whether they had a viable product to sell,
  • If they really needed a business plan or could skate by without one,
  • Whether they could possibly survive the problems that owning their own business would inevitably bring their way.

Especially because they knew they didn't know what they didn't know… Deep huh?

AUDIO - Part 3

But I've paved your way to that smooth highway of success.

To help you overcome inertia, screw up your courage, force your brain to focus on what you really want, and drive off to success, I wrote my book, created my BoomerWIRE e-zine and started Boomer Coaching.

Think of these tools as if they are me riding shotgun, helping you steer down those first startup miles when you're new to the road and need to pick a product, create your business plan, and launch your business.

Not only will I be there for your first miles, I'll ride with you, all the way to your success. Like your crew boss in the pits, I'll point you to the tools you need to handle every part of running your business, advise you when it's time to change the oil, check the engine's timing, and change the tires - with everything from checklists of what you need to know to a playbook for handling your opportunities.

Problems are a Part of Life

Like stress -- which doctors say we would actually die without - problems, also known as challenges or opportunities, are a part of life. And as comedienne Gilda Radner was fond of saying, "It's always something." I'm sure that in a calm and confident moment, you'd agree that life would actually be pretty boring without challenge. Especially since it usually brings new prospects with it.

But when you're just starting out, you might not realize this. So, to continue my "smooth highways" analogy, you hit a little bump in the road, and you're rattled. If that bump is immediately followed by an oil spill, you start to wonder if you're going to lose control and spin out on the curve, or if you'll just "trade a little paint" with another driver, and get back in control. With no one talking you through it from the pit, you fail to maintain focus on your road ahead.

Most people who start a business are unprepared for the challenges that will inevitably come. They are bewildered and blindsided when the inevitable problems develop. Unprepared, the challenges seem to grab you by the neck, and pin you up against the wall. And for many business owners, when this happens, it's closely followed by an urge to give up on your dream, chuck it all, throw in the towel, pull your car from the lineup and go home. Even when in reality, you might actually be "THIS CLOSE" to the winner's circle!

Whew! Starting a business can be rough. Even with an MBA. From Harvard.

And few people can claim that background. But, no matter what your past experience, your startup challenges won't be insurmountable if you arm yourself with a good business planning system, do your homework -- and know what to watch for.

But where should you start? With the right attitude. In my opinion, anyone can succeed in business if he or she is agile enough to roll with the punches -- and determined not to let the "bad guys" win.

You need to be totally convinced that failure is not an option. That if one door closes, another opens. Or, as Steve, my sci-fi movie-loving husband might say, you need to adopt the Galaxy Quest motto: "Never give up. Never surrender!"

What kinds of problems might you encounter?

Well, here are a few genuine, real-life problems you might not have ever imagined - some good, some not so good. I've provided them in no particular order, sort of a mixed bag, as that is how you'll experience them in real life:

Checkmark Can you imagine your friends and family urging you not to go into business for yourself, even though doing so is your dream? Trying to keep you from your self-professed goal because they want to protect you from the prospect of pain and distress?
Checkmark Can you imagine governmentally funded business development organizations refusing to lend you money for a loan or development grant - even though they admit you "know your stuff" -- because your organization doesn't fit their targeted profile?
Checkmark Can you imagine what might happen if the telephone company altered your yellow page ads making them incorrect, or worse: incorrectly listed your phone number in the white pages so no one could find you?
Checkmark Can you imagine trying not to go ballistic because your banker says the bank would have lent you money if you'd come to them BEFORE you started your business, but now that you ARE in business, it's too late?
Checkmark Can you imagine that your business doubles in the first year, so you are busy scrambling to keep up with the work load - and then your landlord calls to say that you are being evicted in 30 days because your production line is generating too much dust, creating illegal levels of air pollution? It's good that you are doing so well, but now you have to scout out a new location and take precious time to re-set the line?
Checkmark Can you imagine the stress you might encounter if you were starting a new company with a trusted business partner, only to have him or her "bail" just hours before you sign the lease contract for your new workplace? Or what if the partner just disappeared from the face of the earth, self-destructed, became too ill to work, broke agreements, or worse - was indicted for something really nasty like tax evasion, money laundering or having "kiddy" porn on his computer?
Checkmark Can you imagine working with your spouse -- side by side in the same office - and still being able to get along when you got home at night? Talk about "til death do us part" togetherness!
Checkmark Can you imagine what you might do if your business success was carefully predicated on the promised activities of suppliers -- only to have them cancel their contract with you with no warning just as your business was starting to build a name for itself?
Checkmark Can you imagine landing a contract so big you don't have the staff to handle it? Or the funds to get it underway?
Checkmark Can you imagine having no idea your office manager had become addicted to prescription pain killers until you discover that she maxed out your company credit card supporting her habit, then skipped town and checked herself into a treatment center halfway across the country?
Checkmark Can you imagine picking up the phone and hearing that you are invited to appear on OPRAH? Or that a producer from 60 Minutes is on the line? Would you know what to say? Would you know why they were calling? Who would have thought an organization is so small that you run it from a basement office in your home - while wearing blue jeans - could become so…BIG? Or so controversial?
Checkmark Can you imagine having your clients suddenly refuse to pay bills they readily admit they owe you - after you've done their work in good faith?
Checkmark Can you imagine discovering that your employees would lie to you, cheat you -- with sins of omission as well as commission, steal from you, even go into business in direct competition to you or blatantly try to put you out of business?
Checkmark Can you imagine having legal actions filed against you - by an organization you've never even heard of? And against whom you've actually done nothing?
Checkmark Can you imagine losing $400,000 worth of new, signed business in just one month - as a result of terrorist acts against your country which have nothing to do with you? Probably prior to September 11, 2001 no one in the United States would have thought of that.

I can imagine each of those scenarios. They've all happened to me or someone I've worked with. Which means I've experienced a lot. You could say I'm a small business survivor who knows what it feels like to be slammed in the solar plexus -- or have the rug pulled out from underneath me.

Why should you care about what happened to me? There's just one good reason -- that "lamp of experience" Patrick Henry spoke of in the quote I used at the beginning of this letter. In fact, I'm offering you the opportunity to benefit from my experience so you never have to live through similar scenarios yourself.

AUDIO - Part 4

You Could Say I Survived All That - So You Won't Have To.

Yes, I've taken the essence of real business owners' challenges and used them as the foundation for my Boomerpreneur Success System. I guess you could say I've used other people's lemons so you can enjoy fresh lemonade. Essentially, my goal in creating the Boomerpreneur Success System is to make you virtually "audit proof."

My Boomerpreneur Success System takes you step by step, through the decisions you need to make to start your business, beginning with helping you to figure out what type of business to begin. It shows you how to leverage the sum total of your life experience into financial success. Just follow the easy action steps I outline, and live your dream. It's foolproof. And believe it or not - it's even fun!!

What Happens When You Use My Easy, Connect-the-Dots, Paint-by-Numbers Boomerpreneur Blueprint?

Checkmark You will discover just what personal assets and resources are really needed to successfully run a business. Then, in the privacy of your own home, you can decide whether you have "the right stuff" to live your dream and run your own show. If you do, you'll be encouraged to soar; but if you aren't ready yet, you'll save yourself the trauma and financial loss of a business failure.
Checkmark You will learn how to focus on your past successes in order to make the right decision on a business type that's right and natural for you. Would you thrive as a franchise owner? Are you a natural for a retail store? Should you create a business from your favorite hobby? Perhaps you have a passion for consulting. Or maybe you'd enjoy network marketing more. On the other hand, possibly you're a born salesman, or an inventor. Do you love living online or do you need to see the sun and feel the wind at your back?
Checkmark You will determine whether you're a "warhorse," a "trusted guide," a "networker," a "strategist" or a "connector." And find out how those skills, combined with your wisdom, experience and strategic vision point you toward your future success
Checkmark You will save yourself time and money due to NOT making the same mistakes others have already made. Hey, why not fast forward right past the pain, personal embarrassment, frustration and stress?
Checkmark Best of all, you'll have the satisfaction of knowing that you have everything you need to succeed, readily at hand, all in one convenient place, and dedicated to helping you achieve your Boomerpreneur dreams.

How Do You Get Started?

Most people like to start with a free subscription to BoomerWIRE.

BoomerWIRE E-zine is written just for you. Not only free, it is jam-packed with useful and practical information you can easily apply to build a profitable Boomerpreneur business.

BoomerWIRE comes out weekly to provide you with timely advice without overloading your email box.

Subscribe and you'll benefit from tips, articles and suggestions designed to help you get off to a fast and successful start.

In each issue of BoomerWIRE you will delight in the following helpful features:

Checkmark You will advance your understanding of business-building techniques with articles designed to help you plan and build your profitable business in record time.
Checkmark You will receive trusted advice in response to your - and other readers' - specific questions.
Checkmark You will power into the success fast lane via the benefits of tips on high quality business-building tools, resources or publications designed to save you time and money.

What might you learn in reading BoomerWIRE?

How about this?

Checkmark You will find out how you actually can run your new business from home if you so desire - yet still enjoy a happy family life, complete with a spouse who still loves being married to you.
Checkmark You will learn how you can turn a hobby into a business; how you can make money by doing something you love; how you can find time for activities you've postponed; even how you can make a difference for others and stay connected.
Checkmark You will determine who needs to be on your personal success team, to assure that you get off to a fast-paced start, with no key startup elements overlooked.
Checkmark You will decide whether it would be best for you to approach a bank or seek out potential investors for your startup funding - and when you might be better off to dig into your home equity, credit cards or 401K. Plus 10 tips on how you can write a winning business plan.

The opportunity to live your dream as a successful Boomerpreneur is out there, looking for you. Decide now not to keep it waiting another day. Make today the day you begin making your second or third career dreams come true.

Sign up today to receive a FREE one-year subscription to BoomerWIRE E-zine, and receive my new e-course, "13 ABSOLUTELY DEADLY Business Startup Mistakes - and How to Avoid Making Them," (a $47.00 value) FREE, as a thank you gift. (And yes, the four topics listed above are covered in the lessons.)

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Here's what my readers say...

Thank you so much. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your thoughts and understanding. - Mark A., Edwardsville, IL

Thanks, Anne! You kick a**! - Carrie R., Salt Lake City, UT

Lots to think about. Lets me see where I can begin. - Jane S., Orlando, FL

Thank you very much; this is very helpful. - Gaye B., Des Moines, NM

I appreciate the tips that you send. - Krystal P., Rapid City, IL

THANK YOU!!!!! Looks fantastic! Just exactly what I was hoping for. -- Rachel C., Davenport, IA

This looks perfect. Just what I needed. Thanks. - Rick S., Sedona, AZ

Keep up the good work. - Dale H., Tulsa, OK

Are you ready to launch your Boomerpreneur career? Do you yearn for financial success on your own terms? Then sign up for your own subscription to BoomerWIRE today, and start enjoying the second half of your life, knowing it is the best it can be!


Anne L. Holmes, APR

P.S. "Don't sit in your rocker and let this opportunity pass you by. It's time to leverage your life experience into financial freedom. Carpe diem!"

P.P.S. "Why try to put a price on finally launching your dream? You know achieving it is priceless."

Anne Holmes
Anne L. Holmes, APR

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"I have but one lamp by which my feet are guided, and that is the lamp of experience. I know of no way of judging the future but by the past."

Patrick Henry

"First say to yourself what you would be; and then do what you have to do."


"Persistence is the twin sister of excellence. One is a matter of quality; the other, a matter of time."

Marabel Morgan

"It's always helpful to learn from your mistakes, because then your mistakes seem worthwhile."

Garry Marshall

"There comes a moment when you have to stop revving up the car and shove it into gear."

David Mahoney

"Entrepreneurs are simply those who understand that there is little difference between obstacle and opportunity and are able to turn both to their advantage."

Niccolo Machiavelli

"Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination are omnipotent."

Calvin Coolidge

"Either you decide to stay in the shallow end of the pool or you go out in the ocean."

Christopher Reeve

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